What is the good?

So, what is this?
It's a mosaic. A place to inspire and be inspired. A refuge from the general snark of the Internet where "good" is great. And it's brought to by perhaps an unlikely source: A bank that believes in all of the above. We're Umpqua Bank and whether you've heard of us or not, we hope you add to the "good" here. Cheers!

P.S. Everyone has a different idea of “good” so please take care when clicking, especially if you’re under 18.

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Welcome to the Good Project!

The active phase of the project has come to an end – but despair not! You can still click “theme” to browse past months and add to the mosaic. And the good continues on Facebook at facebook.com/umpquabank. Thanks for spreading the good!

©2013 Umpqua Bank. All rights reserved. Member FDIC.

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February - Donuts!
March - Share your idea of good fun
April - Share what inspires you to do good!
May - Share your muse! Post what inspires you
June - Road trip! Who would ride shotgun with you (real or fictional)?
July - Good-est part of summer!
August - Good ways to beat the heat
September - Good, fall is coming!
October - Do a good deed